Once payment is confirmed, we will start preparing the delivery of your order. In case of subscription plan (Pro Artist), your confirmation arrives on the same day and your signature too.


After payment, your confirmation will be sent by email. You will receive a notification from the email sguardomagazine@gamil.com, if paid by Paypal, you will also receive a confirmation of purchase made.


When purchasing the monthly subscription "Pro Artist" you will receive your subscription on the same day of confirmation of payment, it can usually take a maximum of 15 - 45 minutes for confirmation, and your submission page will be automatically released.


Remember that this subscription refers to being able to submit your work to our reviewers two days a week, and for that we have a submission page for subscribers

You will be able to check your page of Pro Artist submissions by clicking on the "Pro Artist submission page" button.If the page remains closed to you even after payment, you can wait 15 - 45 minutes and then check again, if the page is still not available, send us an email to sguardomagazine@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you solve this.

Delivery Policy

Monthly subscription plans are prepaid, so your plan will only be canceled after the end of the 30-day period.

Your plan can be canceled before that only if you place an order by email (sguardomagazine@gmail.com) right after the purchase.

You can cancel your subscription and receive a refund if the cancellation request is sent to our email (sguardomagazine@gmail.com) within 2 days after confirmation of payment.(It is important to note that our subscription "Pro Artist" refers to releasing a page on your profile to submit your work for evaluation two days a week) Once requested within the deadline, the refund will be executed within 5 business days. The availability of the amount will take place in accordance with the regulations of the customer's bank.

Exchange, return and refund Policy

You can contact us: sguardomagazine@gmail.com

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