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The photos sent on the old site have not been lost. Your old portfolio has not been discarded or ignored. You can still add them to your new portfolio, but first we would like you to consider a few things:


On our new website you have more freedom to make your profile more professional and with the information you consider useful,it was prepared with a completely automatic system,that facilitates your communication with our team, with that your photos will be reviewed faster (you will no longer have to wait many days to receive an answer).


But with this automation, the photos need to be sent by the photographers themselves in order to appear on your profile, no one from the editorial team can do this for you (if we do, the system will not understand these photos as yours,and your photos would not appear in your portfolio. ) For this reason, you must resend your photos to us using a simple form.



If you have the photos and want to send them right now, just ,and fill out the first form below,and your photos will be added instantly.But if you do not have access to your old photos that have already been approved, this is not a problem, just fill out the second form,and we will send you a link with all your photos (it may take 2-3 days), so you can come back here and add to your new portfolio.


We hope you understand our efforts to try to make this platform more complete and easy for all photographers, any questions do not hesitate to contact us, when finalizing your portfolio you can take a print and share on instagram, we will be sharing all, do not forget that from the 27th of May the submissions to the Archive will work again right here, we will see you there.





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If you already have your old photos approved, just send in this small form below

Attention: remember that the photos sent here will be seen by the editorial team, and can be deleted if it is not in fact a photo that has already been approved before

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I dont have my Approved photos

If you do not have your approved photos from your old portfolio, send your email below and we will send you all your photos, so you can come back and add them to your portfolio (remember that it can take 2-3 days due to the large number of requests).